Distributed Systems - Algorithms and Concepts

The seminar has its focus on core concepts, models and algorithms of distributed systems. The following lists technologies and concepts for advanced distributed systems.

Models, Concepts and Methodology

Seminar methodology: Creative Extension Principle (van Roy, Haridi).

Modeling problems, time, temporal logic, events, causality, concurrency, failure models

Slides on modeling and concepts

Slides on modeling and concepts in ppt format

Interaction and computation (prospect)

Peter Wegners statements on the algorithmic power of interaction

Scalability: Computation and communication in Massive Multiplayer Online Games and virtual worlds.

Use of advanced partitioning for scalability. Transparency vs. cost. Google techtalk on scalability. Linden Labs integrated VW proposal. Partitioning principles and trade-offs.

Slides on scalability and partitioning

Slides on scalability and partitioning in ppt format

Discrete Event based Systems and the concept of loose coupling

Concepts of event based systems, engineering, interaction models, security, transactions. Bundling and notification scopes.

Slides on event-driven systems

Slides on Event-Driven Systems

Slides on Event-Driven Systems in ppt format

Complex-Event-Processing (CEP): making sense of distributed systems

Concepts of causality in events, complex events, event detection and hierarchies, end-to-end event processing, semantics of events and composite events, CPE languages.

Slides on complex-event-processing (CPE)

Slides on Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Slides on Complex Event Processing (CEP) in ppt format

Enterprise Integration Patterns (prospect)

The work of George Hohpe. Scalability, MOMs, Messaging.

See the paper on b2b patterns below.

Distributed Search (prospect)

Enterprise and distributed search approaches. Security and distribution.

Failure, Reliability, Availability in distributed systems.

Failure modes in distributed systems (Birman). Group communication algorithms and the concept of replication and membership.

Slides on Reliability and Group-Communication

Slides on Reliable Distributed Systems

Slides on Reliable Distributed Systems in ppt format

Spaces (prospect)

Tuple-Spaces, Web architecture etc.

Distribution Protocols (prospect)

Eros/keykos,E, Teatime (ACM paper), DHT in p2p

To-do list

  1. Read paper for next session

  2. Use knowledge from paper to discuss and enhance the problem case in the next session.

  3. Pick one topic which was fascinating and write a 10 page pager on it


  1. Gero Mühl, Ludger Fliege, Peter R.Pietzuch, Distributed Event-based Systems.

  2. Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Woolf, Enterprise Integration Pattern

  3. IBM Systems Journal on MMOGs

  4. Luckhard, complex event systems

  5. Ken Birman, Reliable Distributed Systems

  6. Linden Labs: Virtual World integration proposal. Slashdot discussion.Wiki discussion of proposed architecture.

  7. Google Tech-talk on Scalable Systems (Conference)

  8. Peter Wegner, Why interaction systems are algorithmically more powerful

  9. Ulrich Grude, Petri-Netze, eine informelle Einführung in die Grundideen (Konzept von concurrency als Unabhängigkeit)

  10. Peter van Roy, Seif Haridi, Concepts, Technologies and Models of Programming

  11. Frank Buschmann, Kevlin Henney, Douglas C. Schmidt, Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture - A pattern language for distributed computing.

  12. The architecture of google