My work at the Computer Science and Media (CS&M) faculty at Hochschule der Medien


If you want to know what the faculty is doing with respect to research and development work then take a look at this little overview of industry cooperation at CS&M . ( docbook xml source of this article , pdf version of the article ). We offer some very attractive ways to run joint projects with student groups etc. The paper also tells a bit about our philosophy.

Julia Duwe wrote a very nice article on the why and how to study computer science and media. She took our faculty as a role model. Her article has been printed in unicum magazine

Besides my lectures and seminars I usually organize a course called "Current Topics". Senior industry specialist come to us and present the latest developments and research work from their area. You can find the current program always via my homepage (right sidebar). A how-to of organizing events, more... A little write-up (with the help of Mareike Lattermann) to help students in organizing our days.

Finally, if you are interested in my personal point of view with respect to the role of computer science in general you can read Die Lust an der Informatik, on the pros and cons of computer science and its social responsibility - an interview (in german)

And some success stories from our faculty: Recent Awards for Computer Science and Media Alumni, more.... Ron Kutschke best student award, Matthias Feilhauer receives CDG price for his thesis, read on.

The future of computer science - 10 years CS&M, more..

The computer science and media faculty at HDM proudly celebrated its 10th anniversary. If you want to know what CS&M graduates do, just join us on Thursday for presentations by our alumni. If you have questions about the future of computer science and its general course - say you don't believe that IT's job is to create Orwells 1984, spam and malware, then you should attend our sessions on the future perspectives of computer science. Ambient intelligence, mobile networks and a social, utilitarian future based on computer science paradigms are our topics.


Please have a look at the university calendar to see which one I'm reading this term.