Presentations and Examples/Code

Course Overview and Resources

Introduction to Generative Computing

Source Code attibution

Compiler generated generic data types (generics)

Template Processing (not model driven)

Modeling Frameworks (model-driven generation and transformation)

Domain Specific Languages and 4GL Generators

Basset Type Frame Processor (not model-driven generation)

API based generation/Bytecode manipulation/load-time changes

Compiler Technology and language aspects

XML based Transformation frameworks


User Interface Generation

Source Code Attribution

XML based model exchange with XMI

Genetic Algorithms

Data Access

Compiler Compiler


Additional Material

Automatic composition of web services into business processes using intermediates, more...?

A very good thesis on modelling business processes and automatically generating and running composite processes through an intermediary. Uses advanced semantic technologies (RDF, RDFS, OWL) to describe potential and actual processes. Will be part of our workshop on generative computing and model-driven-architecture.