Model-Driven Software Development. Workshops and resources

Workshops on MDA/MDSD at the HDM

We have had two workshops on model-driven architecture and development at the HDM. You can find the latest workshop and some reflections on the results here: MDA/MDSD Uses and alternative approaches. At HDM I've organized generative computing around three different lectures:

Resources for MDA/MDSD

Right now it seems as if Markus Voelter and Jorn Bettin provide useful papers on patterns for MDSD, development processes based on generative technologies and so on. Also the community around the former b+m generator seems quite active.

  1. Jorn Bettin, Model-Driven Software Development covers MDSD quite extensively and also mentions valuable MDSD desing patterns - the best I've read so far.

  2. Markus Voelter/Jorn Betting, Patterns for model-driven software development. How to generate a meta-object protocol layer. How to exploit the model. How to integrate different DSLs etc. Excellent.

  3. Jorn Bettin, Model-driven Software Development Activities.. The process view of an MDSD project

  4. b+m AG, Generative Development Process. The b+m generator toolkit is now used quite frequently in the software industry.