Current Topics


Here are some ideas for special days in the (short) summer term.

Games Day with a focus on game development, communities, collaboration etc.
Security Day with a focus on risk assessment, dealing with risk etc. How do we handle risk rationally? Another topic could be anonymity.
Test and Quality Day with talks on web application testing, methodology and tools.
Web Development Day: the latest in languages (Ruby on Rails etc.) and tools in web development.

Please add your own ideas to this list and don't hesitate to propose your own "day"! There are many other interesting topics like software patents, the legal situation of software development and web sites etc. or how to create a successful community application with venture capital. Those topics will have to wait for the winter term..


Here are the proposed dates for our days.

  1. 11.4.2008 - Test and Quality Day

  2. 25.4..2008 - Security day

  3. 30.5.2008 - Web Development day

  4. 13.6.2008 - Games Day

Organizational Stuff

Please watch this page closeley for changes in dates or topics. Most speakers work in the industry and sometimes need a change in schedule due to that fact.

Additional materials, required reading etc.

You will find some required reading materials here. I will put most papers on transfer/kriha/aktuellethemen