This paper resulted from building a large object-oriented framework. It covers CORBA, OO, SGML, Domain Analysis, Design Patterns, C++ specialties, automated builds and last but not least social issues of replacing an existing system. It was probably the first attempt to combine object technology with descriptive techniques like SGML in Europe. 150+ pages in German!.

Large Scale System Architecture

This paper was an attempt to apply lessons learnt from a large scale framework project to banking projects of different size. Stephan Pl├╝ss, Dani Kesch and myself met several times to discuss framework technologies in the context of real banking projects. It turned out that the advantages of a more generic approach (framework) was recognized it was unclear if such a heavyweight approach was useful for smaller applications written for just one customer. Stephan and Dani participated in a workshop at OOPSLA97 with this paper. 10+ pages.