Current Topics

"Days" at HDM in the winter term 2009/10

Participants of the courses "Aktuelle Themen Internet" and "Aktuelle Themen Software" are organizing so called "days" with a special focus on new and upcoming topics in computer science. The idea behind those events is to get students to think about possible trends and important future technologies by planning a workshop or an event. Besides the theoretical work the organization of such an event (approaching and inviting key representatives of a new technology) trains soft skills. The necessary media coverage (providing a live stream, chat, moderation etc.) leads to a media competence which is a requirement in todays workplace.

The themes for those workshops and events will be decided by the participants, work is done in groups. The following list gives some ideas for events.

Games Day (hardware and software architecture of MMOGs, Building virtual worlds with Darkstar/Wonderland, Scalability of MMOGs, Virtual Worlds for Nanotech (bw-elabs research project)
Security Day (Forensics, Secure systems in embedded control
Web Dev Day (Cloud APIs, cloud business models, Collaboration tools and their GUIs.
Linux Day, SEO Day (search markteting and optimization)
Web Day (Building Social Communities)
IBM Day (with speakers from IBM on topics like data center design, cloud computing and SOA etc.
Artificial Intelligence Day (Data Mining, semantic web, computer vision, collective intelligence)
Crowd Control Day (Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security-Industrial Complex, NeoConOpticon, Rights in the Web

Please add your own ideas to this list and don't hesitate to propose your own "day"! Instead of having invited talks we could also run a workshop for some of the topics. There are many other interesting topics like software patents, the legal situation of software development and web sites etc.


Due to the tight room situation at HDM I had to reserve some dates in advance. Here are the possible dates for our days.

  1. 30.10.2009 -

  2. 20.11.2009 -

  3. 18.12.2009 -

  4. 22.1.2010 -

Organizational Stuff

Please watch this page closeley for changes in dates or topics. Most speakers work in the industry and sometimes need a change in schedule due to that fact.

Additional materials, required reading etc.

You will find some required reading materials here. I will put most papers on transfer/kriha/aktuellethemen