This lecture is intended for print-engineers and other media professionals. It is not a programming course for xml processing. Participants will learn the basics of XML processing with editors, parsers and transformation engines to produce other formats (e.g. PDF)

Another topic is the design of XML documents (data or document centric) and the associated validation schemas (DTD and XSD)

As example for a data centric XML use and model we will use the Job Definition Format used in the printing and media industries to define the workflow for print jobs. This is a major industrie effort where the HDM participates. Please visit and download the JDF related documentation (white paper, 8 pages specification, 450 pages). Make yourself familiar with the goals and structures of CIP4 and JDF.

As an example for a document centric schema we will learn and use docbook. (find references in the resources slides at the end of the first presentation). We will use docbook to write some simple articles and web pages.


Introduction Document Construction,

How XML works (with demo)

Exercise: Editing and parsing simple XML files and dtd's. Use your favorite parser or editor to load the files.

HTML, CSS and PHP. A short introduction to concepts with examples by Janine Bader

Content Management with Zope by Florian Fahrbach. The HDM content manager gives a talk on content management principles in general and their application in the HDM homepage.

Exercise: Transforming a docbook like article with XSL

XML Schema - from DTDs to Schemas

Job Definition Format

Modelling XML Documents

Exercise: Building and rendering a catalog

Exercise: Rendering the menu of the university restaurant

Transforming XML Documents

Exercise: Rendering a curriculum

Formatting Objects

Formatting Objects Introduction by Prof. Martin Goik

Questions and Answers about XML (in English and German) version 0.1