Current Topics


This term we will have two different streams focussing on software and internet technologies technologies. The software stream will have a special topic: The IBM Global Services Method (GSM) and its current evolution with ideas from TUP.. Bachelor students can select each stream separately, students for a diploma have to take both streams as "aktuelle Themen A".

The fifth IBM university day will be a half day workshop on data visualization and data mining with exercises. It will be called "data day". A theory session on both topics will prepare us for the exercises. See the announcement at the hdm hompage or here: IBM Data Day. Because of the workshop character with laptops and software provided by IBM a registration will be required for the exercises.

For the 3nd games day we have a lot of ideas:

Virtual worlds and secondlife technologies
3-D games engine development
City of Noah
Crisis engine
Discussions on secondlife
Demonstrations by game companies

The law and the internet - our first Law Day will cover lots of interesting topics in the grey areas of the modern digital world. Copyright issues, software patents, open source and its consequences, publishing and censorship, how to protect your forum etc. We expect lawyers, companies and judges to participate, together with representatives from Universities and politics.

Usability - still widely misunderstood and disregarded slowly turns into a core business requirement. We will leverage our Usability Professor Micheal Burmester and his connections to demonstrate the state of the art in usability research and development in different areas. Our students have done a number of interesting thesis works with ETAS, SONY and DaimlerChrysler in the area of usability. Usability and security is another hot topic: much of our future safety and security will rely on a better understanding of the trade-offs involved. But they are NOT in such opposition as is usually assumend.

Software Technology Stream: Global Services Method

  1. Beginning in mid April Bernard Clark will again run his successful workshop on the GSM Method. After an introduction students will prepare architecture documents in groups. We will decide on the topic beforehand. In the past we have simulated several projects: on demand insurance, digital media in the bank of the future and last term covered the merger of two large financial institutions using a SOA based architecture, risk and compliance management etc.

Internet Technology Stream

  1. Data Day by IBM GBS

  2. Usability Day

  3. Games Day (with friends)

  4. Law Day

Organizational Stuff

Please watch this page closeley for changes in dates or topics. Most speakers work in the industry and sometimes need a change in schedule due to that fact.

Additional materials, required reading etc.

You will find some required reading materials here. I will put most papers on transfer/kriha/aktuellethemen A short preview on the topics in the winter term:

  1. Ambient Intelligence Day - with results and visions from our research group headed by Prof. Johannes Maucher

  2. Computer Graphics Day - headed by Valentin Schwind and Prof. Jens Hahn

  3. Security Day - with a focus on application security

  4. Model Day - UML, Ontologies, Generation and Model-Driven Development.