Development of an Enterprise Logging and Log Analysis Framework

Frequently students of our Computer Science and Media faculty write their thesis at some development lab in the industry. This often results in excellent work that combines theoretical and practical aspects and which is well received by our industry partners. At the same time it allows us to measure our work at the faculty by the success of our students.

Frequently though this work is at least in parts company confidential and not suited for publishing. Luckily Michael Zender's thesis on "Entwicklung eines Frameworks zum Loggen und Auswerten applikationsspezifischer Parameter" is under no restrictions and I am using this opportunity to show some aspects of enterprise logging that have plagued me for some years and which could be solved using Michael's approach.

I'd like to structure this article as follows:

Technical Aspects of Logging
Log Analysis in the Enterprise
A framework for logging and analysis of application specific parameters: architecture and implementation