Job Definition Format (JDF)

Job Definition Format (JDF), more ...

Armin Weichmann of MAN/Roland held a very interesting talk on the new Job Definition Format which is supposed to unite all workflows within a print job. No doubt this is going to affect both print engineers and software developers. Download his talk or the spec.


Here is some information on flow objects and PDF rendering

How to put 4 slides on each page with xsl fo

Getting the idea behind "flow objects"

Publishing on the Web

Useful techniques and tools if you feel the need to publish your documents on the web - as you should do.

Things to consider for your web presence, more...

A little how to on buying domains, internet access and web space plus how to run a small network with DSL acccess.

How Information finds me, more.....?

How to deal with newsletters, mailing lists and portals in a professional way. Tools to get you started in new technologies or projects. How to automate the process of information finding? With links to important web resources and some ideas for thesis work.

Improve your googling, more...

Web searches play such a vital role in research today that it is well worth to improve ones skills in this area. The new book on "100 Google Tips and Tricks" by Dornfaest and Calishain.