Current Topics

"Days" and discußion topics at HDM in the summer term 2014

Participants of the courses "Aktuelle Themen Internet" are organizing so called "days" with a special focus on new and upcoming topics in computer science and society. The idea behind those events is to get students to think about poßible trends and important future technologies by planning a workshop or an event. Bsides the theoretical work the organization of such an event (approaching and inviting key representatives of a new technology) trains soft skills. The neceßary media coverage (providing a live stream, chat, moderation etc.) leads to a media competence which is a requirement in todays workplace.

The themes for those workshops and events will be decided by the participants, work is done in groups. The following list gives some ideas for events or discußion topics.

  1. Disruptive Technology and the Christensen book (did not want to do this repeatedly but had to learn otherwise)ßorMathur/book-summary-of-the-innovators-dilemma-by-clayton-christensen

  2. Bitcoins: how do they work? And some bits on fiat-money. money laundering: good video:

  3. The redtube streaming scandal. Took a look at the statement from the law company which provided technical information to the court. We came up with an interesting scenario on how the lawyers got the user behavior.

  4. NSA: overview of the field of work. (based on articles). Trying to understand the many technologies and attack vectors used by the NSA.ßkandal-Von-NSA-GCHQ-BND-PRISM-Tempora-XKeyScore-und-dem-Supergrundrecht-was-bisher-geschah-1958399.html and about DEMAIL etc. a hint from Mr.Steigelmann:ß/2013/30C3_-_5210_-_de_-_saal_g_-_201312282030_-_bullshit_made_in_germany_-_linus_neumann.html

  5. Web Analytics: the basics. Read:

  6. On smart contracts: Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks

  7. Net Neutrality and attacks on the internet Irrtümer in Sachen Netzneutralität Netzpolitik «Eine Verfaßung für das Internet»ßung-1.18272165

  8. The End of the Internet: Hannes Graßegger , Das Ende des Internets Staaten steigen aus dem Web aus Leaks, Wikileaks, Türkei etc.

  9. Decentralized solutions - no longer viable? Soller paper, diaspora, distributed search, mail, news etc.

  10. Crowds and Crowd-Funding

  11. Getting rid of information: Snapchat etc.

  12. Creating your own android: Neither Microsoft, Nokia, nor anyone else should fork Android. It’s unforkable.

  13. The new digital age: Eric Schmitt on the new world. Reputation, Identity,

  14. Darknets and Anonymity:

  15. Router Attacks:ßangriff-auf-Router-DNS-Einstellungen-manipuliert-2132674.html

  16. Internet Resilience: ENISA Study

  17. Bandwidth problems in Germany

  18. Neuroscience and Computer Science: I think, therefore I heal: the weird science of neurofeedbackßic=1 (from Eugen Schaffner)

  19. Inhouse-Navigation, Apple I-Bacon, Android

  20. Eli Pariser, the filter bubble (and perhaps the price bubble..)

  21. The Master Switch - Rise and Fall of Information Empires, Tim Wu

  22. Campact und Co.: Demokratie durchs Internet - ein Erfolgsmodell?

  23. Internet Payment:

  24. Mesh Networks, open WLAN and

  25. Ad-fraud/click fraud detection in mobile apps:

  26. Dave Eggers, the circle: The Circle is the exhilarating new novel from Dave Eggers, best-selling author of A Hologram for the King, a finalist for the National Book Award.


Here are the dates for our days.

  1. 25.4.2014, 3rd Digital Rights Day with a focus on software patents, the NSA vs. Anonymous and an open discußion on current internet affairs like redtube streaming, open WLANs, kiß-and-tell revenge postings and the question about who is going to pay for damages done by unsecure routers.

  2. 23.5.2014, Analytics Day. Guests from e-tracking companies as well as users of tracking tools (e.g. portal owners) will give a detailed introduction to the value and practices of web analytics.

  3. 27.6.2014, Games Day. This time using the traditional style of student-provided content and speakers, we will discuß current trends in game development. I'd like to see a feature on in-game economics (probably because of the bitcoin seßion we did..)

Organizational Stuff

Please watch this page closeley for changes in dates or topics. Most speakers work in the industry and sometimes need a change in schedule due to that fact.